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What is NLP?

We are often asked the question, "What exactly is NLP?"

There is also a good chance that, as you are reading this right now, you too are asking yourself this same question!. In order to answer the question fully, let's first take a look at what other people have said about NLP.

Modern Psychology Magazine stated that:"NLP may well be the most important vehicle for change in existence"

Time Magazine made the comment that:"NLP has not only untapped tremendous potential for treating individual problems, it has transformed into an all purpose self improvement program and technology"

Throughout the years NLP has been described as many things. It has been described as: The New Technology of achievement, The ability to be at your best more often, A powerful and practical approach to personal change. It has been described as all these things. However, in order to give you deeper understanding into what NLP is and how it can benefit you, let's go back to the very beginning. NLP was developed in the 1970's by two very innovative gentlemen by the names of Richard Bandler and John Grinder. At this time Richard and John were studying three therapeutic magicians; A hypnotherapist called Milton H Erickson, a relationship expert called Virginia Satir and a therapist called Fritz Pearl. From these studies Bandler and Grinder developed tools, techniques and a methodology that, when applied, can help people make significant improvements in both their personal and professional lives. Through time NLP has developed greatly and has now transformed into, as Time Magazine states, "an all purpose self improvement program and technology".

Today NLP now offers a wide range of models that can be used to enhance both your personal and professional lives. There are models that can help you achieve excellence in:

Emotional Mastery
Personal and Professional
Sports Management

The Licensed NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Courses are an accumulation of all these models and more. When you attend an NLP Training in Scotland with Solutions in Mind you will find yourself quickly and easily becoming a highly skilled communicator with the ability to get more of what you want from life. To find out more about our NLP Training courses in Scotland, click the link below to receive a FREE Information Pack.

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