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7 Day Licensed NLP Practitioner, 2017

3rd - 9th October
Investment: 1549.00 (1397 if booked before July 1st)
Venue: The Marriott Hotel, Glasgow
Course Trainers: Steven Burns & Brian Costello (Headstrong NLP)


Quite literally NLP will change your life! It has already helped millions of people overcome fears, increase confidence, enrich relationships and achieve greater success. It is a revolutionary approach to personal and professional development based on the discovery that by changing how you think on the inside, you can change what you achieve on the outside. The Licensed NLP Practitioner Course is Solutions in Mind's flagship programme and will teach you the full range of methods and models available within NLP. Below are some of the immediate benefits you will receive by attending an NLP training in Scotland with Solutions in Mind.

What you will Learn when you attend


*Learn powerful ways to quickly get on the same wavelength as other people irrespective of background and build even more productive relationships. A necessity for those involved in management, teaching, training, coaching and counselling.

Representational Systems

Learn how you and others represent the world through the five senses.
*Learn how to match another person's preferred system to create a deeper sense of understanding. A must for those involved in communicating ideas to a team or individual.

Well Formed Outcomes

*Learn how to set goals and communicate them to yourself in a way that makes you consistently take action. This is not just useful in roles such as management, coaching, therapy, hr or if you run your own business, it is incredibly useful in your personal life.
*Ask simple but powerful questions that will enable your friends and colleagues to become totally clear and focused on their objectives.

Language and Influence

*Learn to use language with awareness, elegance and precision.
*Develop new ways to overcome objections and gain agreement within a matter of minutes
*Learn powerful language patterns that allow you to lead and motivate others
*Ask specific question that get to the root of any problem
*Learn how to use language to negotiate solutions.

Taking control of your thoughts, feelings and attitudes.

*Create powerful resource states to maximise your own performance.
*Discover your brain's programming language and use it to change unwanted habits, beliefs and behaviours.
*Eliminate one of the major causes of loss of productivity; Stress! and influence others to do likewise.


*Become aware of behaviours that have been sabotaging you in the past.
*Quickly change unwanted behaviours and replace them with more productive and useful ones.


*Understand the process of belief change.
*Eliminate self limiting beliefs and replace them with new empowering ones.

Accelerated Learning

*Gain a deeper understanding into how the brain learns.
*Learn a powerful process that will allow you to learn a new skill in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

Who is the Course Certified through?

On successful completion of our 7 Day Licensed NLP Practitioner Course you will gain certification through the Society of NLP, the largest and oldest NLP quality control organisation in the world. On successful completion of the course your certificate will be sent to the USA to be personally signed by the co-creator of NLP, Dr Richard Bandler.

Course Trainers

Steven has merged with Brian Costello (Headstrong NLP) to create 'The Scottish Centre of NLP'. The aim of this exciting venture is to significantly raise the standard of NLP Training in Scotland. During the Practitioner course Steve and Brian will be drawing on an excess of 20 years experience in the field from many different training schools. 

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