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Who should attend an NLP Training?

Anyone will benefit by attending an NLP Training course. There are, though, certain applications where NLP is more relevant. Some of these areas are:

NLP in Management

NLP is an indispensable tool when you are in a career that involves motivating others and communicating effectively. Whether it be giving a presentation, conducting appraisals or motivating staff, NLP will provide you with a wide range of tools and techniques designed to help you increase your level of results.

NLP in Therapy/Coaching

NLP was developed by modelling effective therapists. It is therefore an essential skill to learn if you are involved in Therapy or Coaching. By attending an NLP training in Scotland with Solutions in Mind you will learn powerful interventions that will allow you to help people move out of their problems and into their solutions in just a few sessions. NLP also offers an extensive coaching model that will help you set goals for clients in a way that makes them consistently take action.

NLP in Sales

NLP can be used to pitch ideas to people in a way that they are fully understood and acted upon. Because of this it is an incredibly useful technology to learn if you are involved in sales. When you attend a Solutions in Mind NLP Training you will learn a wide range of methods and models that will enable you to become a more influential and powerful communicator.

NLP in Sport

Whether you are a participant or a sports coach, NLP provides a set of tools that allow you to continually enhance you and your athletes performance.

NLP and yourself

In our opinion this is the most important and valuable element of NLP. By applying NLP to your own personal development you will become a healthier, happier and more successful individual. There is a law called the law of correspondence that states: 'As within so without'. Put simply it means that your outer world i.e. the kind of job you are in, your relationships, the amount of money you are earning, your health are merely a reflection of your inner world i.e. your attitudes, beliefs, thoughts and feelings and if you want to make a change on the outside you must first make a change on the inside. By attending an NLP training in Scotland with Solutions in Mind you will learn how to make the changes on the inside that will get you the results on the outside.

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