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Owen Fitzpatrick, NLP Master Trainer

Solutions in Mind are immensely proud to announce that Owen Fitzpatrick, NLP Master Trainer, came to Scotland as a guest trainer on their recent Licensed NLP Practitioner Course that took place in October, 2008. Owen is a world renowned Trainer and added tremendous value to the Licensed NLP Practitioner programme.

So who is Owen Fitzpatrick?

Owen Fitzpatrick is co-author of "Conversations" with Dr Richard Bandler. He is one of Europe's top Motivational Speakers, Personal Development Trainers and the youngest ever Licensed NLP Master Trainer in the world (of which there are only a handful). Owen is a qualified Psychologist, Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist. He has a Masters in Psychology, and he has trained people in Ireland, Britain, Europe, Mexico, India and the United States of America, teaching them how to enhance their lives.

Since becoming the youngest ever qualified Hypnotherapist at 17, Owen has worked continuously with those suffering from depression, fears, phobias, panic attacks, shyness and relationship problems helping them to own their brains and change their lives. He's now worked individually with thousands of people in these areas and countless more in his trainings. He is recommended by and has co-trained with Dr Richard Bandler (co-founder of NLP and best selling author).

Owen has also trained extensively with some of the best NLP trainers in the world such as John Le Valle, Tony Robbins, Judith Delozier, Eric Robbie, Michael Breen and Paul McKenna. Owens? sharp sense of humour, his amazing ability to teach complex subjects in simple ways and his powerful inspirational energy in teaching and training are some of the reasons why he is regarded, by many in the field, as one of the best NLPTM trainers in Europe.

Owen Fitzpatrick in Glasgow, Scotland

Owen Fitzpatrick was the guest trainer on our Licensed NLP Practitioner Programme that took place in October at the Campanile Hotel in Glasgow. Owen did a full day of the programme and focused on how you can use language with precision to get to the root of any problem and to create powerful, positive change in others. To read a full review of Owen check out the section below:

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