Self Motivation Technique By Using Mind Control

August 8th, 2008
Previous day, the medical explanation have shown how the effect of laughing change your physiology and mind control to promote healing. It show how our simple act of smiling and laughing change our face muscles and promote healing hormones to play its role. How about we change, not only facial impression, but also our [...]

How Changing Physiology Reduce Pain

August 6th, 2008
Changing physiology is one of the science that used in NLP to change the state of mind. The term physiology primarily to refer to body posture and movement. Manipulating your physiology will change your biochemistry and thus affects your state of mind. Remember that people always say laughter is the best medicine? Its not only [...]

Building Rapport The NLP Way

August 6th, 2008

The term rapport is mainly used in the context of NLP or in unconscious human interaction. In technical terms, it is process of being synchronized with a person to whom you are talking. It is considered to be one of the most important features of unconscious human interaction.

Rapport is no doubt, one of the ultimate tools in improving relationships of any nature,  Using advanced rapport techniques, you can resolve almost any conflict and you can improve relationships between families, boss and employee etc.

Rapport Techniques:
There are various NLP techniques that can be used in building rapport, which is the foundation of a healthy relationship. Some of the most popular NLP techniques for building rapport are Matching, Mirroring, Pacing and Leading. These techniques will be discussed in more detail later.

The main principle behind every technique is for one person to establish rapport with another so that they will empathise with one another. When each person feels in the same way as the other person they are much more likely to reach agreement or to be influenced. The more you can get into synchronized state with another person the more likely you can persuade and influence them.

Rapport, as mentioned above, is considered to be foundation of any healthy relationship. Using rapport techniques helps you in discussing serious issues without any agression. Using rapport makes it easy to discuss criticial issues more easily and it also helps in finding effective and practical solutions. Rapport usually happens at many levels. You should learn how to build rapport.

You can easily build rapport at any time through:

  • The rapport skills that you have acquired.
  • The way you sound
  • The way you look and behave
  • Your set of beliefs.
  • Your values of life.
  • The places where you spend time with people.

Matching and Mirroring:
Matching and mirroring is one of the most useful NLP techniques to build rapport. You might have noticed the rapport between people in bars and resturants when they dance or they talk while sitting on the table. You can often observe the synchronization in their body movements and the way they talk.

If two people are totally out of synchronizations as they are while having intense arguments, you can often see how much they mismatch. Matching and mirroring are the ways in which a person tunes himself or herself according to someone else. The person who tries to synchronize has to watch the world with the other person’s eyes. When you have a rapport with someone, mirroring can happen naturally.

For effective rapport you should aim to match:

  • Body Postures and gestures
  • Breating rates
  • Energy level
  • Your voice tone

Pacing and Leading:
It is sometimes essential that you pace others in order to build healthy relationships. It is as though you run alongside a train. If you want to jump on to a moving train, it is very likely that you’ll fall. You can only do it if you gain the speed of the train. Similarly, to influence someone with your views, you should begin by pacing them to establish rapport.

Once you have established rapport through pacing, you can begin to lead them; hence it is called as Pacing and Leading. In the process of pacing and leading someone, you must be sure that you are in rapport before you move into leading them. If you have not established rapport through mirroring, matching and pacing you will not be able to lead them. In fact trying to lead someone too early is likely to break rapport with them. Be patient!

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Private Life Coaching

August 6th, 2008
Private Life Coaching

Aug 6, Private Life Coaching

August 6th, 2008
Private Life Coaching

Reframing To Get Solution To Your Problem

August 5th, 2008
When dealing with problem, its a good thing to be in positive state. When you are in positive state, you will think clearly and able to find solution for your problem. One of my favorite tool to keep myself always in positive state is by using reframing. Reframing helps you to change from undesired states [...]

Who Is Your Model?

August 4th, 2008
Yesterday, I attended WangCyber Gathering in Bukit Jalil Golf and Country Resort. This events was organized by Shuth, the founder of to give opportunities to all the Internet Marketer in Malaysia for networking. The reason for me to attend are to do networking and be part of the groups of people who very determine [...]

NLP Techniques: The New Behavior Generator

August 4th, 2008
NLP Techniques: The New Behavior Generator - the super you.

Aug 4, NLP Techniques: The New Behavior Generator

August 4th, 2008
NLP Techniques: The New Behavior Generator - the super you.

NLP Techniques are Killing YOU! by Mr. Twenty Twenty

August 3rd, 2008


I play with patterns a lot.  Those filters that distort every single perception you have.

Most people out there have no idea how much this happens, and how easy it is to start freeing themselves from them.  Think about this….

The more you play with “what else” is possible…  The more you explore the filters of perception you don’t have…  The more likely you will survive, literally, having a personal breakthrough.

Yes, I said survive….

And the more likely it is that you will have a breakthrough too.

Think about it, if you aren’t busy defending “the castle” you can go explore and enjoy new territory… and get bushwacked once in a while…  new territory is defined as “new patterns”.

Ready for something cool…

Here is a RARE glimpse into MY content…

Yesterday, Carol and I were watching Hancock.  Great movie.  Go see it!

I had a “content moment”.

I remembered that I caused my Mom and Dad’s divorce.

I remembered that I caused my Grandma to die.

I remembered that it was my fault too, that Ray and I were two of the hostages.

(All bullshit, that was unprocessed, and denied, and made up…  due to limited data and being stressed out at the time of trauma.)

Today….  the ripples, shifts, enlightening moments, and temporary hells continue.

For what it’s worth, I am glad that I learned how some old indians approached life and healing…  and applied that to how I use NLP.

One more bit,  you are so much more powerful than ANY technique…

This applies to YOU!

What you do lack is flexibility… flexibility that comes from exploring patterns as we do, sufficiently.

That’s not an assertion, btw.  It is a very powerful observation.  Now it’s your job to do something with it!


Want to do yourself a few favors….

1.  Stop using NLP and other “techniques”.

2.  Put the time you free up from not using techniques to fix yourself into noticing.

3.  Get on the phone with me, or go to some indian reservation where there is someone who is good at noticing.  Let them help you notice more of how darn kool you are, and could become more of.

4.  Post here about your play.

5.  Did I mention about playing with me, calling, coming in….  It’s almost impossible to play with your own patterns, hint….  I can’t all that much, and I am very good at this.


Honest to god, techniques are killing you, reinforcing your need to use them, reminding you to put the power outside of you.

And on the other hand…


If you had “10″ bits….  like a highway inside your mind….

And 7 of those 10 bits were devoted to categorizing, judging, comparing….     only 3 would be available for “living” and “noticing”.

What if you could explore, life with, someone who has many more bits open….

Flashback to when I lived in the woods, almost….

The elders who had their shit together… they would laugh and giggle when “technique” was given credit… learning “the right way to fix…”

And they would cry tears of joy, when we got it, when we got how powerful our OBSERVATIONS could become.

Mr. Twenty Twenty

PS:  I do have a crass commercial message here…   $197 for 90 minutes on the phone, and 30 days of email support.  One of my “mini clients” down in austin had me develop that structure for him…   that way we could explore DEEPLY…  and he would also get consistent follow up… AND a DEADLINE for action….. Email me: to DIVE IN! (Paypal the same email…)

PPS:  Notice how much more superior that is to a “coaching call”, then you are cut loose….  or open access… where we just chat forever…  and you could think too much…