Get The Insider Videos for just $77 bucks! by Mr. Twenty Twenty

Hey mate,

Since we announced this special wednesday, it’s been WILD here.

If you want to get the best “classic” video that I ever released, video that transforms lives, then get this set.


Close to 6 years ago, back when I was “John”, I started training my clients with very powerful, yet subtle distinctions called, The Insider Keys.

Using those Insider Keys, their skill levels totally skyrocketed, their personal lives shifted dramatically, and that’s when my problem began.

“Is it possible to teach those keys on video, share them with the masses, not just in small group trainings?”

Will people get them, from video?

Because they are subtle, they aren’t “step by step”, they aren’t “skills” in the conventional sense of the word, they ARE SHIFTS in perspective.

Insights that make everything easier.

(Think about it, PERSPECTIVE can limit you, or free you. Perspective is WAY more powerful than “new fangled technique.”)

So I put together 3 videos, sold them for $197 back in the old days.

They rocked. They rolled. Then they were gone.

Lives changed drastically, and quickly, for those who got them, entertained the simple, yet very explosive ideas, and played with what was possible.

I’m bringing those Videos back, for a limited time.

Get them here:

They won’t be up for long…

Go get em!

Mr. Twenty Twenty

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