I am tired of wimps, whiners and… by Mr. Twenty Twenty


Too many people play way to slow and small.

Waiting for change, hoping that their new CD will do the trick.

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However, they won’t do squat, UNLESS you start playing BIG, living FULL OUT, and deciding TODAY to kick arse.

William James said it best,

1. Start Immediately!
2. Be flamboyant!
3. No exceptions!

Where I have kicked arse, that’s what made it happen. Methods and techniques are just SECONDARY.

Necessary but SECONDARY.

Want a tip or two?

Start coaching or training with someone who will lovingly, respectfully, kick your arse.

Start IMMEDIATELY. Do it FLAMBOYANTLY! No exceptions!

Mr. Twenty Twenty

PS: This is EXACTLY why I love being a Scout. Not a boy scout, but a real, honest to God, Apache Scout! The Scouts live life, they don’t whine about it. If you are ready for something more, ready to rock, then click here and DIVE IN BUCKWHEAT!

PPS: Why did I write this post? I am on a really great NLP list. Some dude is looking for help. He’s playing so freaking slow and small I just want to scream. Listen, all HUMANS want is attention. Buckwheat, you found a way to get attention, it’s called WHINING. Stop freaking whining, and start playing FULL OUT. You won’t regret it! You might feel uncomfortable at first, but once you start kicking arse, you will THANK ME forever! Email me: 2020@exhostage.com and I’ll give you a great break on a few coaching sessions IF you PROMISE yourself to play full out!

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