Do you suffer from Magic Pill Syndrome? by Mr. Twenty Twenty

Hey mate,

After you read this, go listen to the recording that whooped up this whole frenzy, Click here!

Onward!  Since I don’t know if I can honestly help him, I just refunded his money.

Yes, he seems like a nice guy, just one of many who wants something to change in his life.

Maybe he wants to connect with women better, or maybe he want’s to close more sales.

He just might want to experience less anxiety, or more peace.

Either way, I don’t know if I can help him because he suffers from the one thing most NLP junkies suffer from.

He suffers from The Magic Pill Syndrome.

Do you suffer from the magic pill syndrome?

He told me he listened to my cd’s the day he got them, and nothing changed. Really, I wasn’t surprised, because change does not come from listening to anything once, change comes from doing.

  • Change comes from doing - Substantial Change does not happen because you read about, or listen to, it comes because you DO SOMETHING NEW!
  • Doing leads to changes - Be ACTIVE in your life - You are more than a whoopie cushion, waiting to be sat upon!!
  • Because DOING is the biggest part of experiencing!

Experience is what changes lives, it just might be the ONLY thing that changes lives.

So put away your magic pill box, stop thinking you need to learn another 12 steps or 13 techniques, and start finding people and places to help you experience what you have been missing!

Maybe this makes sense to you… I hope so, because right now, I’m about ready to scream.

I am ready to scream, not because I gave him his $47 back, but because how the hell do you help someone, who thinks JUST LISTENING to a product is going to change his life. I have friends and family members who suffer from this Magic Pill Syndrome, it drives me nuts.

The Magic Pill Syndrome: It’s like thinking just looking at a woman is going to get her to marry you.

So now what? I sent “James” an email, telling him that he got his refund, and I asked him to USE the product. Just use it. He has nothing to lose.

And he has the whole world to gain, simply by taking the time to EXPERIENCE.

Mr. Twenty Twenty

Come experience me and you in Austin - Eyes Wide Open Transforms Lives!

PS:  James, I hope you USE the product mate.  Stop passively looking for something to change you, use the product to develop the skills and challenge you in ways that help you experience what you need!  Experience changes lives, dive in my friend!

Since you read this, go listen to the recording that whooped up this whole frenzy, Click here!


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