What have you done TODAY? Mr. Twenty Twenty


What have you done?  It’s 6:52 PM here…

My main project today was developing something that doesn’t exist.

I shared 3 kick arse recordings that I developed with the members of my year long Remarkable Group.

I needed something to put the most powerful people I have recordings of (and one I don’t) into my head, while working, while sleeping.

So I took the time to learn more about my recording software….

So I can use my new tools (and so can the Remarkable Mates) to reformat my mind even more faster and completely.

Buckos like speed.

Plus I started another book, and have a kick ass idea that will RADICALLY benefit about 13 other people who want to participate…

And I’m getting an international press release campaign ready, because I have a goal of benefiting 1 million people this year…

What did you do today?

Work on any skills?
Discover anything new about you?
Kill off a few programs you don’t need anymore?

Let me know, share here, inspire others!

Mr. Twenty Twenty

There is still a tiny bit of room left! Eyes Wide Open! Come See me in Austin!


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