Power Drivers - The Key to Excellence! by Mr. Twenty Twenty

Hey mate,

Skills.  You’ve developed skills in NLP, persuasion, influence, and communication.  You’ve taken the time to learn all the stuff, so why aren’t you getting the Powerful Results you need?

Most people still struggle to communicate effectively, use the skills, and get the results they want, even after attending a NORMAL NLP training.  So, let me ask you this…

“You’ve put in the time, so what do you do next so you can start getting FAST and POWERFUL results, today?”

This is where Power Drivers come in.  Power Drivers are the attitudes and perceptions that put the JUICE and POWER into the skill - the action - you are trying to make work.  Without the Power Driver, you are the same guy, running the same lack, getting the same results.  Even if you are using a method or techinique that works for others.

Where do Power Drivers Come from?

Several years ago I was leading a series of live trainings, where I take small groups to the mall to explore their skills and their inner bullshit.  The men and women in those courses were there for one reason, they wanted results.  Results they weren’t getting before they came to work with me.

They had all taken OPS (Other Peoples Seminars), or spent TONS of money on How To products, and STILL they weren’t getting results out in the real world.  Something was holding them back.

I took the time to literally CONFRONT them, on the stuff that was WEAKENING THEM on the inside.

Yes, a few of them got peeved, more than on droped a few curse words on me, but by the end of the weekend…   They GOT IT!  They started getting FAST and Permanant shifts and results because they looked in the mirror, and adopted the attitudes and perspectives that the REAL experts have.

Over the next few months, I took what I learned teaching those courses, I took what gave them FAST AND POWERFUL results and put that on a series of disks. That’s where the Vegas Dynamic and the Candid Crash Courses came from.

These 7 disks have never been my most popular, in the NLP community at large, becuase they don’t teach you to Anchor, they don’t teach you to use loops, they don’t teach you the step by steps of ANY SKILL, but they do help SHIFT YOUR THINKING so that everything you do, every skill you have is so much more powerful.

The Shocking truth about NLP!

“NLP is an attitude!”  That’s what one of the founders would say to me, while having a very interesting bathroom break together.  “And most people THINK it’s just ONE ATTITUDE.  It’s not!  NLP is a series of ATTITUDE AND PERCEPTUAL SHIFTS that empower EVERYTHING you do.   Not just your NLP techniques, EVERYTHING YOU DO!”

Now, that’s what we captured in The Vegas Dynamic Crash Course and in The Candid Crash Course.

They are on MEGA special at http://www.innercircleproducts.com/powerdrivers.html and get BOTH for just $67!  Instantly download them today, start transforming your world this evening, and maybe if you take a few moments, you’ll start noticing shifts as fast as THIS WEEKEND.

Wouldn’t that be something awesome?

Go for it!

Mr. Twenty Twenty


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