Is NLP making YOU crazy? By Mr. Twenty Twenty

Hey mate,

What happens when NLP not only fails to live up to it’s promises, but actually starts making you crazy?

Hint:  If you still aren’t satisfied with NLP, I do have a solution.   Here’s the how and why.

Several years ago, when I decided to put out a bunch of really weird and obtuse NLP products, I had a great idea.  Why not offer to make buyers a custom product, videos or audio, just to get some ideas as to what people want, that isn’t out on the market place.

The idea was simple.  Put up an ad on Ebay, tell people that for $100 to $200 bucks, I will create a custom NLP product for them.   So I would get paid to develop a product, and then possibly use the ideas to generate new products to sell to the masses.  Makes sense right?

Get paid to develop a product and do market research.  It was a NO Brainer!

Here’s the kicker:  I thought I would be getting NLP beginners, asking me for what was missing in their trainings or missing in the beginner level products they bought.  What happened shocked and surprised me.

Almost everyone who replied to those ads, was already advanced in NLP.  They had taken multiple trainings, they were well versed in NLP, and had the certificates to prove it.   They also had some rather insteresting problems too, that proved they had been around for a while too.

That’s when my NLP journey took another very interesting twist, when I realized how messed up so many of these NLP long termers were.  Because if they were going off the deep end…

Here are the problems they had, real quick.  Let me know if they seem familiar.

1.  Control issues.  Most of them had very interesting control issues. They had good solid NLP skills, that would influence behavior and perception, yet their minds and lives were literally out of control.  They were more compulsive and frustrated than ever before.

2.  Manipulation issues.  Most of them were very concerned about being manipulated. Even when we talked on the phone to develop their product, they would tell me that they could tell where I was “taking them” and what I was trying to do to them.   Weird, I wasn’t doing anything, but “market research” and listening to them to findo ut exactly what they wanted in their product.  As an interesting side note, they also said that since taking NLP training, they noticed that people were much more manipulative than they thought before they got into NLP.

3.  Most of them  were NEVER able to be satisfied. The advanced NLP guys never seemed able to be satisfied.  Where the average Joe could meet a girl and have a nice night of dinner - drinks - dancing - etc, the NLP expert would have to keep setting the stage, and using his techniques and tools to make sure that she was having a good time. He couldn’t ever JUST be there with her, or become truly satisfied, because he was still working at making it happen or preventing things from happening with his NLP.  He still felt like he had to make her like him.

This is really why I started Honor Coaching back in those days.  I had to give them an affordable solution, which would prove to them that I trusted them, and was not manipulating them in anyway.  Having them pay me anonymously, what ever they chose was a huge key.

These guys would come to me for something to fix their NLP madness, and the only thing that I found worked was working with them regularly - because they were literally quite “loopy”,  while using the skills and insights that I gained from studying with the Native Elders, and modeling them with NLP.

(Ask me sometime how the Buffalo Calf Woman story fits in with this….  it’s very very interesting, and powerful. And life transforming.  I thank God everyday for bringing the Elders into my life that have been there for me.)

So now what?

I invite you to do some Honor Coaching. Where you set the fee, and pay me what you can honestly afford to after each session.  Get Honor Coaching Details here!

I also invite you to our first ever HRT training in Florida, January 2009. HRT stands for Hostage Rescue Training - And you are the Hostage!  It’s three days at a very special sunny location near Tampa Florida, costs just $1,000 and it could be your ticket to freeing yourself from the madness of it all.   More details to come. Contact me to register early or for more details.

I invite you to come back even more to life. Stop working so hard, stop trying to control it all.  Learn how to invite back into your life something that will not only increase your productivity, but your happiness and peace of mind as well.


Your friend,

Twenty Twenty

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