NLP doesn’t make you clever, it can make you nuts.

Hey mate,

I’m watching a relatively new “nlp expert” go insane.  I have the utmost compassion for him, because from what I can tell, going insane does happen to “NLP experts”, and it does happen more often than most people would like to admit.

Because when you use NLP to hack the minds of others, something “weird” happens in your own mind.

Think about it, how many dysfunctional NLP people are out there, compared to the relatively few who are able to genuienly produce, love, and make a difference?

Too much time in NLP is spent trying to “be more clever than”.   If you know any NLP experts, you’ll know what I mean.  If you don’t know many, that “be more clever than” won’t make a lick of sense to you.  There comes a time in many nlp “masters” lives, that they explore being more clever than the next guy.   Trying to run the universe.  Stop.

What’s the TRUTH about NLP?

Here’s the scooop.  NLP started out VERY USEFUL. It was a great method of exploring what else was happening in the process of thinking and observing.  Learning how to notice more about your thinking process can be liberating.  Trying to “hack” your own process or the thinking process of others can be dangerous.  This is when NLP got lost in the woods.

Yo Confused NLP Expert…  Want the map to get out of the woods, and back to sanity with NLP?

Don’t put your faith in “techniques” and “methods”. Putting your faith in methods and techniques only puts more of YOUR power, outside of you.  You are more amazing and powerful than any technique or method.  And that includes techniques designed for healing, seduction, persuasion, etc.   All the stuff NLP is known for.  USE your NLP observation skills to discover how amazing you can become instead.

Don’t put “the power” outside of you anytime. Don’t bother “seducing her” or “fixing him”.  Just focus on NOTICING.  Women don’t want seduced or manipulated, they want to be NOTICED and truly appreciated.

On the “fixing them” part of NLP, STOP! The key is not that you need to “fix them” with your “brilliant” use of NLP, the key is to help them notice more about themselves than they previously did.  Help them discover more about themselves, while you discover more about yourself.   Anytime they notice more about their “process”, they can’t help but become more whole and heal.

And study the meaning of Therapy versus the meaning of Healing.   I am a healer who uses “NLP”.  My ENTIRE LIFE is very different than the persuaders, the manipulators, the seduction “NLP” based folks.  Wake Up BuckWheat!

To the guy who’s losing it, stop trying to be clever, slow down, discover YOUR body…

Open your heart to more love, forget manipulation.

Hugs to you my dear,

Twenty Twenty

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