Kick ass memories! by Mr. Twenty Twenty

Hey mate,

“I need to raise $1700 in the next few days for a due date.”

So you get to win big.

My plan is simple.  I’ll put up The Ultimate Persuasion Package for $97 bucks.  That saves you many hundreds of dollars off all those weird and wild NLP packages, and gets them all to you TODAY.

Keep in mind, after the first 20 have sold…   I’ll pull it.   Mission Accomplished.

So get it today.   NLP will NEVER be the same for you, I promise.

Because back in 2005 and early 2006 these titles dramatically changed the lives of about 27 folks who all ordered them religiously.   We had a strong kick ass newsgroup that went wild working with the Weird and Wild approach we put into these products, and into their lives.

The Ultimate Persuasion Package recordings will stretch you, inspire you, and require you to get way outside of your “bullshit zone” (what most people call a comfort zone) to even catch a tiny portion of what you can learn from them for the next year or so.

Get them.  You won’t be bored.  You will get confused.  You will never be the same.  Promise.

Your friend,

Mr. Twenty Twenty

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