Do you know The Shocking Truth about Motivation by Mr. Twenty Twenty

Hey mate,

Do you really know enough about motivation?  (Are you positively sure about that?)

Do you think there could be some crucial bits missing from what you think you know about it?

Listen, I’m gonna be quick here.  Real motivation involves you NOTICING the ENTIRE matrix of “what makes you really do something.”

That’s a big sentence that means, “Wake Up Buckwheat, and look around!”

Notice what you’ve been missing, so you can start kicking arse!

Years ago, I learned about “motivation” from the then masters in the field.  Honestly, I don’t think they knew much, I still don’t.  Because what they said, taught, and presented looked good, especially on stage, but in real life, it didn’t do much IN REAL LIFE.

Real life results is where it all matters, right?  So….

Have you noticed too…

What many people believe about motivation actually seems to get in the way of you GETTING results… have you noticed that?

Here’s my solution….

You’re gonna love this.

I’m putting up $247 bucks of my best, proven, and most detailed products on motivation here today, for just $47 bucks.   Over 7 cd’s total, stuff that will fry your noodle, challenge what you think, and open your mind to very interesting possibilities.

And if you listen between the lines, and do the simple sounding drills, you’ll get amazing results.

All Guaranteed!  No questions asked!

Get The $247 Mega Package TODAY for just $47 - Click here

Here’s the key, this limited time special is totally guaranteed, and all I want from you is a testimonial and permission to use it, IF you are totally, completely, satisfied.  And if you can’t be satisfied by this mega deal entirely, use it for 90 days, and let me know.  I’ll give you a prompt refund, no questions asked period.

If you are like 97% of those tribe members who picked up these crash courses before, you will be amazed by what you learn, feel and experience.  And the results you will get will amaze your friends.

Click on the link, get them now.  Listen for a while, play, take notes, take ACTION, and remember, it’s all completely guaranteed.  Download them TODAY!

Best to you,

Mr. Twenty Twenty

(Formerly known as John Wingert, the weird obtuse NLP guru, master of motivation, and…)

PS:  If you want to prove to yourself that I know a little bit more about motivation than the average bear, or the “nlp experts”, GOOGLE ME.  “john Wingert” and “Mr. Twenty Twenty”.  I am always in motion, always.  The reason why I am so productive here is that I do get motivation, and you can get it too.  Get this mega package NOW!

Get The $247 Mega Package TODAY for just $47 - Click here


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