Do you have what it takes to get ruthless results? by Mr. Twenty Twenty

Hey mate,

I’m getting ready to include this classic 4 cd set in a new megapackage.

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Because I have a request.  Send me a testimonial on how darn awesome these Classic CD’s are.


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Apache Scout I

Our time tested and proven classic that gives you the keys to get to the meat, leaving the bull behind.

All day long you hear and see people just barely getting by, covering their tracks, and spewing their bull. This 5 year old classic puts an end to it all, and gives you the results you want. AA++  This recording has some pops and cracks in it, because it is OLD.

However, we’ve decided to include it BECAUSE the content is absolutely amazing.   This is a must have, that belongs in your mind, not in our out of print archives.  AAA+++

If you think THEIR limitations and programming aren’t holding YOU back too, think again.  You’ll see radical results from using this cd.  It’s worth it’s weight in GOLD alone.


Apache Scout II

This is the Classic that DESTROY’S CRITICAL THOUGHTS AND MINDS IN JUST a few moments!

Real - Instant - Power!

What could you accomplish, experience, and enjoy if your critical thoughts were DESTROYED, completely destroyed?

How much better would your life be if you had the tools to decimate the critical minds and thoughts around you that are holding you back?

“Way beyond another episode of Wake The Freak Up Buckwheat!”

This CD classic, teaches the most practical and effective way to Develop and Use Loops that I have ever seen, used or developed.  Here is the key:  This is what the Old School NLP folks DID, but NEVER EVER taught.  Don’t just listen to this one, take DETAILED NOTES.

You will be very glad you did!

Apache Scout III

Experience FULL FORCE the Official Get to - Got to destroyer! Exploring the nature of the illusions that hold you back, and how to de modal vate them….. Enlightening and IMMEDIATELY profitable!

This classic CD demonstrates and utilizes the patterns needed to move from motivation into easy action.  Another classic well worth taking the time to take apart, and analyze in Detail.

Apache Scout IV

The Three Rapport Bridges and The Almost Lost Turtle Bone Game tracks!

These two very simple and easy to use concepts will eliminate you needing to work at rapport, and give you the keys to make it an enjoyable effortless game.  AAA+++

(Note:  If you are STILL working at Getting Rapport, you are in reality - BREAKING rapport.  Having rapport is your natural state of being.  Not having rapport means YOU are introducing SOMETHING into the process of relating or connecting that destroys that innate and natural connection.  Why settle for “forcing a natural feeling connection” when you can experience the REAL DEAL.)

Here’s the deal of the decade.  I as mentioned above, I want, need, have to have new testimonials for just this CD set.  If you make a solemn promise on the best bowl of grits you’ve ever had to give me a testimonial within 9 days of getting this course you can have it for just $37 bucks!  (That’s saving $60 bucks off retail!)

Go for it!

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Your life will never be the same, neither will your bank statement if you USE what’s on these Classic Cd’s.

Your friend,

Mr. Twenty Twenty

Ex Hostage - Professional Visionary - Former NLP Guru.

PS:  If you aren’t completely safisfied with your complete experience with this special, let me know within 900 days (yes 900 days - that is NOT a misprint) and I will cheerfully give you your bucko’s back, and invite you over for a strong cup of coffee some morning.  Your satisfaction is #1 with us.  Period.

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