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Be Selfish

Saturday, October 4th, 2008
Be Selfish - The Optimist Creed

Oct 4, Be Selfish

Saturday, October 4th, 2008
Be Selfish - The Optimist Creed

3 Spacey Things Worth Doing Today… By Mr. Twenty Twenty

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

Hey mate,

Here are 3 things worth doing today with space.

1.  Notice Space.  Take a few moments, and notice the space. Notice the space around you.  Notice the space between sentences, when two people are talking.  Notice the space around them.   Just notice the space.  Most people tend to relax a tiny bit, when they take the time to notice space.  Consciously noticing space tends to decrease the amount of time you have to space out each day too.

2.  Become comfortable in your Space. Think about it.  At a micro level, we are mostly space.  At a macro level most of the universe is space.  Get comfortable with it, and you won’t have to rush to fill it.   Look around, the most peaceful and wealthy people you know enjoy their “space”.  Enjoy yours.

3.  Go for a Space Walk. Think about the astronauts in space for a second.  Wow, what I view.   I suspect your world has many views that you have never taken the time to notice.  Why not once a day, sneak out and go for a Space Walk.  Walk where you haven’t before, walk how you haven’t before.  Slow down, maybe add in a little bounce.  Enjoy it.  Move and groove during your space walk, then slow it down to a pondering pace.

If you are willing to try these tiny bits on, and notice how they contribute to your personal power and your effectiveness, then you just might enjoy working with me.

I invite you to find out.  Check out the 3 options below.

Enjoy the day,

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