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Oct 8, The Four Agreements Podcast

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008
The Four Agreements Podcast - Don't Take Anything Personally

The Four Agreements Podcast

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008
The Four Agreements Podcast - Don't Take Anything Personally

Want to know what makes ANYTHING real to ANYONE? by Mr. Twenty Twenty

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Hey mate,

Want to know what makes ANYTHING real to ANYONE?

What if you could learn this INSTANTLY, without asking weird sounding NLP questions?

Check this out, you’ll learn tons from this story, if you read it and pay attention.

I was in the park today, noticing a little boy misbehave. His mother yelled at him several times without him listening up. He was out of control. So was she. Losing it fast.

I only had to interact with him once, and he settled down IMMEDIATELY. Needless to say, Mom told me that he never listens to her, so I offered here just a little mini course on what you are about to learn.

I taught her, what you can learn here and now, because she took the time to ask, and that in just 5 minutes we could make a huge change, in both her her life, and his.  I like helping families.  Go figure.

I’ll tell you what I did in just a second…. inside this little commercial. Because you’ll see how it all fits in, perfectly with our Classic CD set, the Hyper Sneaky Crash Course.

“This is perhaps the most subtle stuff, with very practical applications that we have ever seen, heard, or released.”

The material on Disk 2 of The Hyper Sneaky Crash Course, is what I showed mom, to help her convince Billy to be good.

Disk #2, goes into the Convincers.

What could be more important than discovering exactly, precisely in PROCESS makes something REAL for you, or your client. That’s what the Convincers will give you. With just a little practice, you’ll know what makes anything real for anyone, in just a glance.

You’ll know what makes ANYTHING real, and you won’t have to ask silly questions, you’ll know by observing how they relate, and how they use their body, what makes anything real… in just seconds.

The Mom operated on FREQUENCY to get what’s real.

She had to hear something several times, to get it.

So that is how I taught her, and how I knew she would get it.

She moved in a specific way, indicating frequency to me, talked in a specific way, indicating frequency to me, while tapping her toes - not hard… but in a way, that indicated frequency to me.

She tried to get Billy to listen to her with FREQUENCY. She kept repeating things. He kept ignoring them.

Because, Billy was on a different station.

I noticed that, and shared with her that her little Billy, get’s it on INTENSITY. I told him to STOP, with just a little subtle intensity, and he stopped, immediately. I only had to tell him ONCE.

I told mom this several times, in several ways, matching her FREQUENCY, the need to hear it several times, in a specific way. For some reason, she got it. (Did you - yet?)

There are FOUR Primary Convincers, learn how to get them right, and get them instantly, and your ability to communicate and COMMAND instantly will skyrocket!  We are talking Nuclear here.  You’ve been exposed to TWO of them here, just a tiny bit.  You’ll get them BIG TIME inside this package.

Now here is my question for you, can you tell INSTANTLY, what makes her happy, BEFORE walking up to her, and without asking silly sounding questions?

(I always hated doing what most NLP trainers told me to do, while growing up.  Really, asking silly sounding questions, come on, get real.  Do what Milton Erickson did, learn how to OBSERVE powerfully, so you can act with precision.)

Is it an intense experience? or Frequent experiences? Do you tell her that you love her often, or take her forcefully? Do you give her lots of little gifts, or one BIG ONE…. Learn how to tell WHAT makes things real, both positive and negative, in just a glance.

“This is NLP - Apache Scout Style!”

Those “things” may just fit into what makes something real for her. And we go into that in depth on just one of the CD’s in the Set.

Imagine how your relationships could be, in family, work and everywhere, if you could instantly discover exactly how people around you make things real, and discover what’s real too…. (there is a difference)

Getting this, it add’s up to buckos, better relationships, and better everything.   Without the pain of sounding like an NLP geek. One guy, who got this course, wondered if he was missing a disk, because he wasn’t learning weird sounding questions, to ask pretty girls, before they walked away from him. That’s how he learned “how to tell what’s real… and a way overpriced 7 day persuasion course.

You won’t learn questions that make you sound weird in this course, you will learn how to quickly and powerfully observe, so you can act quickly, powerfully and decisivel, and get the results you want.

This is why the waitresses in the diner are always giving me the best service when I eat there. (I have 3 of them waiting on me at once, while other tables wait, because I match their Convincers)

On one of the other disks…

Disk #1 goes so deep into motivation, that, well since Monday, we’ve shared this little bit with 3 phone clients, and every single one, and discovered many new levels of just towards and away to play with, and how to apply it to their clients too.

If you think towards / away motivation is simple, and that working with it like almost every trainer is teaching it will give you the results you STILL are longing for… well either you’ll THINK you know what is possibly on this disk, or you will listen and apply, and what you will learn and EXPERIENCE will blow you away!

Apply both of these sets of principles from The Hyper Sneaky Crash Course (Invisible Motivation Keys and the Convincers) to your clients, prospects, discover how these impact your family and relationships, and simply flirt with what’s possible with these little bits and you may end up doing what Jimmy L. from Idaho did while we were on our Canadian trip.

Jimmy sent us a gift of $100 bucks, because he landed an account, big time, that he couldn’t have if he hadn’t been playing with Convincers, and the motivators like we do.

Those are only two of the disks in the set, we will be releasing those with our newest work on Invisible Influence with fractals, a $27 bucko value, and the first disk of our HyperSneaky Rapport set, another $27 bucko treat.

That’s 4 CD’s in all, you are getting now for just….

Mr. Twenty Twenty

Instantly Download all Four CDs for Just $27

Get the Four CD Crash Course Priority Mail for Just $35


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The Hijacking of NLP by Mr. Twenty Twenty

Monday, October 6th, 2008

Hey mate,

I have just one question to ask, when was NLP hijacked?

This amazing mind science that changed my world, that saved my life, that has helped me help thousands, when did it get hijacked?

And how many hundreds of thousands have become casualties because of it?

Think about this…

The current state of the most popular NLP trainings and products involves covert persuasion, seduction, and manipulation.

And I’ll admit it, I have published products designed to help people sell and motivate others better, products that could be abused, however if you listen to my products you’ll notice something…

“The models that I use and present, always bring you back home to developing you.  Some of the products do this in an obvious way, in others it’s more subtle.”


So, it’s easy and very seductive, to use NLP to MAKE HER do something, like make her like you.

It’s not nearly as seductive to use NLP to help you grow into a person who likes and loves himself.

Take that in DEEP!

A very attractive woman who is a good friend of mine told me once, “When a  man becomes strong and capable, and also likes and loves himself, he instantly becomes a chick magnet.”  Her words, not mine.

I built a huge portion of my business on that statement.   It’s also how I live, except for one thing…

“I am not interested in being a chick magnet, I am interested in being a Hero magnet.  I want to and I choose to attract to me men, and the women who love them, who want to become the hero in their own lives.  People who want to be more capable, more passionate, and simply feel better being at home inside their own skin.”

If that’s you, why not take some action here, get something, join our discussion group, do some honor coaching, come to a workshop, join a 9 week program.  Do what it takes to meet others who also desire to become more in life, instead of settling for just “getting more” in life.

Rant over, what will you do NOW to make more differences in your life?

Let me know, leave a comment here or drop me an email:

Here are a number of links I think you’ll enjoy.

Your friend,

Mr. Twenty Twenty

Honor Coaching - Where you set the fee, pay anonymously, and both our worlds transform! Click here!

Scout Camp 2008 - Apache Scout Skills - Spirit - Real life - Nuff Said - Click here!

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Honor Coaching - Where you set the fee, pay anonymously, and both our worlds transform! Click here!

Scout Camp 2008 - Apache Scout Skills - Spirit - Real life - Nuff Said - Click here!

Join our discussion group!

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Oct 4, Be Selfish

Saturday, October 4th, 2008
Be Selfish - The Optimist Creed

Be Selfish

Saturday, October 4th, 2008
Be Selfish - The Optimist Creed

3 Spacey Things Worth Doing Today… By Mr. Twenty Twenty

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

Hey mate,

Here are 3 things worth doing today with space.

1.  Notice Space.  Take a few moments, and notice the space. Notice the space around you.  Notice the space between sentences, when two people are talking.  Notice the space around them.   Just notice the space.  Most people tend to relax a tiny bit, when they take the time to notice space.  Consciously noticing space tends to decrease the amount of time you have to space out each day too.

2.  Become comfortable in your Space. Think about it.  At a micro level, we are mostly space.  At a macro level most of the universe is space.  Get comfortable with it, and you won’t have to rush to fill it.   Look around, the most peaceful and wealthy people you know enjoy their “space”.  Enjoy yours.

3.  Go for a Space Walk. Think about the astronauts in space for a second.  Wow, what I view.   I suspect your world has many views that you have never taken the time to notice.  Why not once a day, sneak out and go for a Space Walk.  Walk where you haven’t before, walk how you haven’t before.  Slow down, maybe add in a little bounce.  Enjoy it.  Move and groove during your space walk, then slow it down to a pondering pace.

If you are willing to try these tiny bits on, and notice how they contribute to your personal power and your effectiveness, then you just might enjoy working with me.

I invite you to find out.  Check out the 3 options below.

Enjoy the day,

Mr. Twenty Twenty - Our most heartfelt event of the year.  “Hugely transformational!” - Fusion 9 - A Nine Week Intensive Exploring Personal Fusion - Our outrageous coaching program, where YOU set the fee.  AA++


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Sep 27, Fighting Depression

Saturday, September 27th, 2008
Fighting Depression -Negotiating the Funk

Fighting Depression

Saturday, September 27th, 2008
Fighting Depression -Negotiating the Funk

The REAL power of QUITTING by Mr. Twenty Twenty

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

Hey mate,

There is an amazing article on the power of quitting you are going to love at:

The Power of Quitting! - Click here!

I want you to think about this for a second.

Say I am a stopper. Go ahead say it outloud. (It doesn’t sound right, does it.)

“It doesn’t sound right, because people NEVER call themselves “stoppers”. And it’s also why people can’t “stop themselves”. Addicts, food junkies, apply this to any bad habit you have tried to stop and failed at.”

On the other hand, think of something that causes you stress, robs you of your energy, zaps you of your life…

And say, “I quit!” Say it again, “I quit!”  “I QUIT!”

Now, notice how powerful and good that can feel.

So go read that article, the link is just up top here, and change your life.

You will be glad you did!

Mr. Twenty Twenty

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