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Heart of Mind by Connie Rae Andreas
This book features case presentations in areas of benefit most of us want in our lives. Rather than just presenting methods or patterns, this book centres around the personal life transformations people have experienced through NLP. It shows how NLP offers solutions in a wide range of areas, including dealing with abuse, shame and guilt, resolving grief, effective decision-making and motivation, weight loss, self-healing, co-dependence and more. The 21 chapters also include the Andreases' exciting time-line developments, and how to use time-lines to change personality. A powerful and accessible introduction to NLP which includes recent innovations that make it valuable to advanced NLPers as well. Highly recommended.

Price: 13.99

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NLP: The New technology of Achievement by Faulkner and Andreas
This provides a step-by-step guide to and specific programmes for learning the characteristics of top achievers and so creating a blueprint for unlimited success. Each chapter includes exercises to help you master specific NLP techniques, together with a new 21-day programme specifically created to provide you with the essential skills you'll need to achieve peak performance in business and in life. Very person-centred, accessible and, in our opinion, the finest introduction to NLP ever written.

Price: 10.99

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The Structure of Magic by Richard Bandler and John Grinder
This book is one of the foundation stones of NLP. First published in 1975, it was designed to give an explicit set of tools to help psychotherapists be more effective. The book is largely concerned with language systems and was the definitive work on the Meta-model until The Secrets Of Magic came along.

Price: 17.99

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Introducing NLP by Joseph O'Conner & John Seymour
This is a comprehensive book on NLP. It is written by two well-known English NLP trainers who have accumulated a great deal of experience in teaching NLP since the mid-80s.

Price: 10.99

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Modelling with NLP by David Gordon
David Gordon is a co-developer of NLP and well-known author of Therapeutic Metaphors, Phoenix and other titles. He is a highly regarded expert on modelling. In this CD set he reveals the core components of his modelling programme. He demonstrates how the process works and provides exercises for you to develop these skills yourself. A very impressive CD set, highly recommended.
4 CD Set

Price: 51.05

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Modeling with NLP by Robert Dilts
By the bestselling author of over thirty titles, Modeling With NLP is an in-depth look at the modelling process and its applications. The book itself is divided into two sections, the first of which defines the principles and tools necessary for effective modelling. The second part of the book reveals clearly how NLP modelling procedures may be applied to the study of effective leadership, providing examples of how leaders have used the cognitive, linguistic and behavioural skills identified by NLP to address challenging situations such as problem-solving, delegation and training. An excellent examination of modelling and the key communication and relationship skills used by effective leaders. Now available in paperback.

Price: 26.99

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An Insider's Guide to Submodalities by Bandler and MacDonald
This title sums up very neatly what this book is all about - submodalities and what you can achieve with them. It is very much an experiential book, constructed around exercises designed for two or three participants. Many patterns are embellished or supercharged by the skilful use of subtle changes to submodalities and some patterns are based almost entirely on such changes. A valuable book for those with some prior knowledge of NLP.

Price: 14.99

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Beliefs: Pathways to Health and Well Being by Dilts and Halborn
Now back in print. NLP offers a radically new approach to health problems, whether they are life-threatening conditions such as cancer, AIDS, and leukaemia, or traumatic, such as allergies, phobias, learning difficulties, or health-diminishing habits such as smoking and obesity. The authors explain and demonstrate the effectiveness of NLP through workshop transcripts. Imprinting, incongruence, integration and many other NLP techniques are explained. Helpful for the NLP practitioner and the beginner alike.

Price: 14.99

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Personal Enhancement Series/ 6CD's by Richard Bandler
When working with personal clients, Richard Bandler noticed that there were certain abilities, beliefs and behaviours that most people needed. The Personal Enhancement Series will show you how to change your beliefs, create wealth, become determined, add passion to your life and get motivated. These 6 CD's contain powerful hypnotic messages to supercharge your life.

Price: 84.25

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Persuasion Engineering by Richard Bandler and John Lavalle
Combining Richard Bandler's latest discoveries in the field of human development Design Human EngineeringTM and John La Valle's applications in the business arena, Persuasion EngineeringTM provides new insights into the selling process. Richard's genius and in-depth understanding of how the brain works is used to explain how we use our communicating processes to generate behaviours that unconsciously stand out on their own and speak for themselves. Covering everything from the sales process through to the close, it uses everyday human communication processes that are present in every situation imaginable. An invaluable business tool, and very popular.

Price: 24.99

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Core Transformation by Connirae and Tamara Andreas
Imagine the very things you most dislike about yourself becoming a transformative gift from within! Based on the foundational process taught in Connirae?s "Aligned Self" seminars, this book illustrates the simple yet powerful techniques of discovering your core states and evolving these into positive resources. A great book.

Price: 12.99

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Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins
A revolutionary fitness book for the mind, Unlimited Power shows you step by step how to perform at your peak, while gaining emotional and financial freedom, attaining leadership skills and self-confidence, and winning the co-operation of others. The book provides a means by which you can gain the knowledge and courage to remake yourself and your world.

Price: 9.99

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