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Accelerated Learning Books and Audiotapes

7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence by Patrick Merlevede, Denis Bridoux Rudy Vandamme.

7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence reveals the structuring beneath Emotional Intelligence (EI), utilising its unique framework to combine EI and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) the study of excellence that examines how behaviour is neurologically formulated. 7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence confidently integrates the insights of EI and NLP to promote a greater understanding of how emotions work and how they can be worked upon. This book is driven by one important message, ?Don?t just think about it, do it!? A model-based guide packed with powerful NLP exercises and self-assessment techniques, it allows you to generate your own tricks, and to partake in an intensive EQ excellence course that utilises the self-programming practices of NLP. A thoroughly structured, functionally formatted guide to improving your EQ, 7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence serves as a textbook of EI theory, a manual of NLP techniques, and a workbook that systematically leads you through the process of dynamic EQ improvement. It answers the essential EI questions: What do my emotions mean? How do I manage my emotions? How can I deal with conflicts in an emotionally intelligent way? What motivates people and how can I take that into account? How can I handle situations in the best possible way? How do I get what I want?

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Accelerated Learning: A Users Guide by Alistair Smith, Mark Lovatt & Derek Wise
This excellent volume from Alistair Smith builds on the outstanding success of his Accelerated Learning series. He has joined forces with Mark Lovatt and Derek Wise, two people who have put the theory into practice with remarkable results at their own school, and the outcome is a fully updated introduction to Accelerated Learning laced with useful resources. Written in Alistair's customary easy-to-read style, the 'Users Guide' provides more than 200 ideas and activities that allows teachers to take Accelerated Learning into the classroom. Up to date, practical and inspiring. Highly recommended. Ages 7-18.

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Brain Based Learning by Eric Jenson
A new edition of Eric Jensen's brilliant brain-boosting book. It deploys the latest brain research within a series of strategies designed to revolutionise the way we learn. Extremely easy to follow and simple to implement, this remarkable teaching 'tool' covers bio-cognitive cycles, optimal environments, gender, attention, movement and exercise, emotions, memory, stress and much, much more. An extensive source of ideas and exercises from the foremost innovator in the field of Accelerated Learning.

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Boost Your Brain Power week by week buy Bill Lucas
A complete mental workout specially designed by best-selling author Bill Lucas. Shows you how to learn better and have good ideas when you need them. Covers all you need to know about concentration, communication, your problem-solving skills, your memory and your mental processing generally. Think laterally, imaginatively and productively - and communication effectively. Includes expert advise on keeping your brain healthy and active, and ready for any challenge.

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Embracing Change by Tony Buzan
Change is a feature of our lives. Everything around us and even inside us in constantly changing, whether we like it or not. Buzan draws on his highly effective Mind Mapping and mental development techniques to help you understand and master change. Whatever your current circumstances, Tony enables you to develop your confidence in the face of change, and enhance your ability to transform your future.

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